Ford Focus Electric to Offer Class-Leading MPG-e

2012 Ford Focus Electric image

According to Ford, the automaker’s new Focus Electric will be the first electric vehicle break the 100-MPG-e barrier. Already, the Focus Electric’s $32,495 price tag (with available tax credits) makes it a relative value in the burgeoning EV segment. However, its range will almost certainly be an attractive feature as well.

The Nissan Leaf is estimated to get 100 MPG-e, while the Chevrolet Volt yields 94 MPG-e when driven in all-electric mode. The mpg-e figure stands for miles per gallon-equivalent.

“Focus Electric’s innovative faster charging technology can help customers save money and get much more out of the car in a busy day of running around town and recharging between stops,” said Sherif Marakby, director of Ford’s Electrification Programs and Engineering. “We also are pleased the Focus Electric will break the 100 MPGe mark – a great symbol of how Ford has transformed its fleet with many vehicles delivering leading fuel economy and efficiency.”

Equipped with a lithium ion battery pack, the Ford Focus Electric can be fully charged in a little more than three hours with a special 240-volt charging system. Although it has yet to arrive in showrooms, Ford is already taking orders for its upcoming EV in select markets.

As Ford scrambles to meet tougher fuel economy standards, the automaker is also delivering class-leading performance. The new Focus Electric will be available in 15 new launch markets next year as production ramps up.

“Focus Electric was designed to deliver the same dynamics and quality of a conventional Ford Focus,” said Eric Kuehn, Focus Electric chief nameplate engineer. “It shares many of the same premium components and features as its gasoline-powered counterpart while delivering distinct efficiencies and a uniquely exciting driving experience.”